Hiking (or not) at Kuliouou Ridge!

On September 19th, eager JETAA members and friends met up for a long awaited outdoors event, Kuliouou Hike. They brought everything they needed for a hike – snacks, water, insect repellent, and sunscreen. Little did they know they should have also packed a raincoat. As everyone met up at the Kuliouou Trailhead, heavy rain and dark overcast skies made it clear we would have to save Kuliouou Hike for another day.

In order to make the most of the event, members decided to meet up at Kahala McDonald’s to enjoy great conversation and dollar Sausage McMuffins. Realizing how fun and enjoyable it was to have such a casual get together, members discussed ways in which JETAA Hawaii could create various activity clubs (i.e. Breakfast club – the first meeting which occurred that very morning) to cater to the diverse interests of JETAA Hawaii members.

Thanks to all the JETAA Hawaii members and friends who came out: Shem, Jon, Reid, Jen, Thomas, Darryl, Olivia, and Lindsey!

the group

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