Bowling Night!

Where’s the best place on Oahu to hit up for some bowling and gourmet food? Well, Aiea Bowl of course!

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much fooding going on, but last Saturday August 28th, 2010, JETAA Hawaii members gathered at Aiea Bowl for some good ol’ fashioned bowling. Split into teams of 3 players each, skilled and amateur bowlers alike were mixed together to compete against each other. Along with our current JETAA Hawaii members, we also welcomed back some JET alumni who recently returned to Hawaii!

After blasting through two eventful games, exec board member Krystle Hara tallied up the scores so we could announce the winners of our unannounced categories. Our three prizes included top team average, lowest individual score, and best style (that’s style, not technique). The team with the highest average score consisted of Davin Kubota, Krystle Hara, and recent returner Riley Hirozawa. The embarrassing (but all in good fun and well-rewarded) lowest individual score went to exec board member Lindsey Wong (with fellow exec board member Dori Kato at a close second!). Lastly, the best style was awarded to Christian Sakaida for his graceful-pause-with-sense-of-trepidation-before-curving-the-ball approach – maybe we’re exaggerating a little in our description, maybe we’re not. Winners received various gift cards to Longs, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Tutti Frutti, and Safeway.

Thanks to everyone for your participation! Now that you got a good forearm workout from bowling, it’s time to work those legs as we prepare for our next event on September 19th at 9AM – HIKING at Kuliouou Ridge! Watch your inboxes for our evite!

We look forward to seeing everyone there – bring lots of water, lots of energy, and lots of deodorant!

Team with Highest AverageLowest Individual Score(rs!)Best Style

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