For JET alumni and current participants from Hawaii

Aloha and welcome to the home of JETAA Hawaii, the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program Alumni Association of Hawaii!

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As an organization, we provide alumni with a network of people who share the opportunity of having been on the JET Program. In a way, JETAA Hawaii is like a support group where everyone can relate with one another’s Japan experiences, without having to explain too much.

For newly selected JET Participants and for active JETs, JETAA Hawaii serves to prepare and offer support in ways of pre-departure orientation, events, and workshops. We stay in touch with JETs currently in Japan providing information, materials, and ideas to assist them in their work and daily living.

For 2013, it is the goal of JETAA Hawaii to continue promoting the JET Program by utilizing the motivation our alumni members have for the program. With new and fresh ideas from this year’s officers, we hope to continue building our membership count and increase active membership participation by conducting events that appeal to our members while still focusing on the major goal of promoting the JET Program. We also hope to build new, lasting connections while strengthening our relationship with organizations already in our network. Lastly, we are striving to become more proficient in the use of new online applications that will assist in the organization and promotion of JETAA Hawaii.

For more info about us, click on an image above or one of the links to the side. Mahalo for visiting our site!

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Written by jetaahawaii

July 14, 2013 at 9:27 pm


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