Regular Annual Events

Event Description When Where
Shinnenkai Start the New Year off with fellow JETs and friends at one of the most popular and highest attending annual events with Japanese games and activities. Let’s enjoy! January/ February Restaurant or Lounge
Etiquette Dinner JET alumni host a dinner send-off party for the new JETs and use the time to teach them about various culture and etiquette, specifically nomikai/enkai etiquette through discussions, activities, and games. Dinner will be served in a traditional Japanese manner; followed by different activities that introduce new JETs to handy skills and phrases that may be useful at a Japanese work party. Early July Natsunoya Tea House
Welcome Back Mixer The formal “Welcome home” mixer for returning JETs Mid October Restaurant or Lounge
JET Program Information Session JET alumni assist the Honolulu Consulate of Japan with the Information Session for newly-selected JET participants. JET alumni present a number of activities that can be used in the classroom and close with time for Q&A. June/ July Tokai International College of Hawaii
New JET Mixer Casual mixer hosted by JETAA Hawaii to give new JETs the opportunity to ask JET alumni more questions, as well as bond with their fellow participants who they will go up to Tokyo with. July Bar/ Lounge