JET Returners Mixer

If you found yourself sitting in Tsunami on Saturday October 23rd at 6PM and looked carefully past the crowd of people watching the big fight on TV, you might have caught a glimpse of JETAA Hawaii’s annual Returners Mixer – and hopefully, if you were looking for us, it wasn’t too much trouble finding us! JET alumni and returners gathered at Tsunami lounge for drinks and pupus, catching up on all sorts of things – happenings in Japan, old things in Hawaii, and just enjoying one another’s company – while enjoying the chill ambiance of Tsunami. We at JETAA Hawaii are happy to know that some of the returners are already employed, too! And for those of you who are still looking and those of you who aren’t looking, don’t worry; we’ve all been there, as well!

Following the delicious pupus and drinks at Tsunami, JETAA members walked over to Krazy Karaoke nearby to finish off the night with some throat-destroying singing! Some things we won’t forget are Mana’s rendition of “Animal” by Neon Trees and of course, Kori-Jo and Christian’s performance of “Love Shack.”

Thanks to Tsunami for the great food and drinks, and of course, thank you to everyone who came out!

Be on the lookout for the evite for our next event: Ha-Ji! Details to come later and as always, if you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, etc. for JETAA Hawaii, e-mail us at We are constantly looking for new ideas for events and ways to change things around so let us know what you think!




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