New JETS: Thank you and Good luck!!!

JETAA HI Natsunoya 2013

JETAA Hawaii has been busy these past couple of months. We’ve held two events, both geared toward preparing the 2013 JETs for their journey to Japan. The first event was held on June 29th at Tokai University. A full day of workshops was held in conjunction with the Japanese Consulate to give the new JETs an idea of what was expected of them as JET participants. The workshops held focused on both work and their life in Japan ranging from understanding the Japanese school system to financial planning. JETAA Hawaii also held two Q&A sessions, one at the beginning of the day and one to close out the event.

One of the highlights of the workshop was Phillip Tsang (Osaka ALT 2000-2003,) and Jason Yumen (Okinawa ALT 2004-2009) leading a sample lesson, with the new JETs playing the role of the students, and Jason acting as the JTE, and Phillip as the ALT. The lesson was held in Chinese, and was done to help the new JETs understand how their students feel during an English lesson. It also provided a great look at how the team teaching dynamic works, and how your typical English lesson is held.

Despite nearly 9 hours of workshops and lectures the 2013 JETs were attentive and exuberant. They filled the room with enthusiasm, and a youthful energy that only new JETs can bring. The 2013 JETs left the event with notepads filled, and hopefully questions answered.

The second event was held on July 5th at Natsunoya, and focused on Japanese etiquette. Natsunoya as always set the stage for the event with it’s large dining hall, tatami mat flooring, and servers dressed in kimono delivering local Japanese cuisine. Unlike the workshops this event was much more relaxed, the new JETs got to spend time with several JET alumni and talk about the JET Program, and ask any questions that came to mind. JETAA Hawaii lead the 2013 JETs through activities such as pouring drinks for co-workers, the proper use of chopsticks, how to hold yourself during an enkai, etc.

JETAA Hawaii closed out the night with beautiful a “favorite moments” slideshow, in which each alumni member talked about a photo of their favorite moment on JET. Eliot Honda (Uwajima ALT 2009-2012) presented a touching photo from his wedding which he had during the last year of his time on JET. He felt it was the greatest way to end his time on JET, he got to see how many people he was able to connect with. He was even able to say goodbye and thank you to the Uwajima community. The photo really showed the new JETs about getting involved with the Japanese community. It was a great way to close out the night. The new JETs left feeling inspired and excited about the year to come.

Here’s the flyer that was sent out to the outgoing JETs from Hawaii after the event.


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