Trash and BBQ: A Great Combo Indeed!

In celebration of Earth Day (April 22), JETAA Hawaii teamed up with Global Village Hawaii this past Saturday for a preemptive strike to do some cleaning at Kakaako Park.  Equipped with gloves and trash bags, members mixed together and scoured the South end of the park.  Despite the worries that “Kakaako Park is already too clean,” everyone was able to happily fill many bags of trash.

Following the cleanup, everyone gathered under the pavilion to feast!  Hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled vegetables, shrimp, Cinnabons, fruits, guava rolls, and Pretz were just some of the delicious items provided by everyone.

JETAA Hawaii would like to thank Global Village Hawaii Activities Coordinator Jerry Lee and all of the students from Global Village Hawaii for coming out!  We look forward to future events with you all.  Also, a big shout-out and thanks to those who donated socks!

Check out our Flickr album for pictures!

Next up: Kodomo no Hi Keiki Fun Fest at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii!

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