Dear JETAA Hawaii Ohana,

Thank you to those of you who have donated at the national level to the JETAA USA Fund or at the local level to Japan-America Society of Hawaii. We really appreciate your support as we gather as a community to assist Japan and its people.

I want to update you on what’s been happening with the JETAA USA Fund. Please check out the blog containing important updates, and the timeline for suggesting funds and voting. The national fund has already reached over $5,000! This is great momentum, and shows the potential of how much we can raise as an organization.

While there has been a lot of support for the national fund, there has also been a lot of questions regarding where and how the funds will be used. As a chapter, I’d like to hear your suggestions for causes and/or relief funds – deadline THIS FRIDAY, March 25. Please send your thoughts to jetaahawaii [at] An example of a cause is sending people to Japan for the relief effort, and an example of a relief fund is the Japanese Red Cross Society. We will note your suggestions and then narrow them down to three and submit those to the JETAA USA Country Representatives.

This is the first of a three step process. The second step will be to narrow down the funds – deadline: Tuesday, March 29. The third step will be the selection of the recipient of the JETAA USA Relief Fund – deadline: Saturday, April 2. We will keep you posted on this involved process, but for now would just like to ask for your suggestions for causes and/or relief funds.

We look forward to hearing from you by Friday and hope that many of you voice your suggestions as members of the Hawaii chapter.

Thank you for your support!

Kelsey Soma Turek
JETAA Hawaii

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