2010 JET Mixer at Apartm3nt 3

Oh what a night! The trendy-yet-sophisticated atmosphere at Apartm3nt set the tone for a night of mingling with the new class of 2010 JETs, JETAA Hawaii members, JET alumni, and guests. Everyone munched on the gourmet pizzas, veggie platters, chicken wings, and french fries as they mixed and mingled. The drink specials were fabulous, allowing for a typical enkai setting! JETAA Hawaii officers handed out Mixer Bucks to attendees who could name three things (including names) about at least two people they met during the event. Mixer Bucks winners can apply the bucks toward our next event: Experience Enkai at Natsunoya Tea House!

Thank you to Serena and the rest of the staff at Apartm3nt for taking care of our group throughout the evening! Of course we would also like to thank the JETAA Hawaii members, JET alumni, 2010 JETs, and guests for attending the event and mixing the night away!

2010 JETs mingle with JETAA Hawaii members, JET alumni, and guests

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