October 24: Happy Hour, Karaoke, Chimugukuru

Get ready for this event-filled day!  Join us in welcoming back returning JETs at Kochi Restaurant and Lounge (6pm – 8pm), and then later at Toma Enterprise from (8:30pm – 10:30pm).  Keep an eye out for an Evite invitation coming your way!
Event Flyer

Before the Happy Hour, Chimugukuru Committee Member Shari Tamashiro (sharit@hawaii.edu) is looking for ushers and other volunteers to help out from 11:15am at Chimugukuru: A Celebration of the Heart, Spirit & Soul of Hawaii’s Okinawan Community, to be held at the Hawaii Okinawa Center.  Event details can be found at http://www.pigsfromthesea.com. If you are interested, please email Shari by Friday night, October 9.

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