Maunawili Falls Hike and Lunch, Sept. 19, 2009

Yet another adventure for JETAA Hawaii members. 

This time we headed to the Windward side to view the beautiful nature in Kailua.  Our morning started at about 9:30am.  Over a dozen of us gathered at the trail head to begin our hike.   It was a beautiful day.  Thankfully, it hadn’t rained the night before, or our shoes would have been a lot more muddy than they were at the end of the hike. 

The hike wasn’t very challenging except for the stream crossings with a few slippery rocks.  It made the hike all the more exciting.  At the top of the trail we came to the falls…not very big, but still very nice.  A few gutsy guys and one gutsy girl (Kori-Jo) did some fantastic dives into the water.  What a show!

We headed back down and seemed to reach the bottom a lot faster than going up.  That was definitely a good thing since we were all hungry for lunch.  The frozen orange snacks and trail mix kept our tummies satisfied just long enough till we headed for Teddy’s Bigger Burger and Maui Tacos.  We didn’t end up at Brent’s since it was harder to find than we thought.  But, in the end, everyone seemed quite content with burgers and tacos. 

Group Picture

See pictures from the hike on our Flickr Site.

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